Custom Gene Synthesis for just
13 cents/bp
for cloned DNA sequences, 1 kb to 4 kb
100% sequence-verified
No extra charges
No minimum order size


1 - 4kb

$ 0.13/bp
2 weeks

4 - 10kb

$ 0.15/bp
3 weeks

10  - 20kb

$ 0.17/bp
4 weeks


  • SEQUENCE FORMAT – Send your custom sequence(s) by email attachment in an Excel, Word, or FASTA file. Provide a name for each sequence. Please send your email to
  • SEQUENCE SCREENING – Aster can produce many difficult sequences, but there are occasions in which certain repeats and extreme GC content prevent synthesis. Upon receipt, Aster will screen each sequence and let you know if there are any synthesis limitations.
  • CLONING VECTORS – For sequences shorter than 10 kb, Aster delivers them in a customized version of pUC19. For all longer sequences, Aster delivers them in a customized version of pSMART-BAC. Aster can also move cloned sequences into a vector of your choice for an additional $100 per sequence.
  • PRODUCT YIELD – Products cloned into a plasmid vector are delivered with a minimum yield of 5 micrograms. Products cloned into a BAC vector are delivered with a minimum yield of 1 microgram.
  • SEQUENCE GUARANTEED - All cloned DNA products are shipped with an accompanying NGS sequencing report confirming sequence accuracy.



Aster BioScience
1911 Second Street, Livermore, CA 94550 USA




Aster BioScience is a custom manufacturing company that sells synthetic genes directly to researchers at universities and life science companies.

Aster uses proprietary technologies to produce cloned synthetic DNA quickly and cost-effectively.

Aster is a privately held company located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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